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5 Ways to Use the Instagram DM Me Sticker

There’s a new cool kid on the block and it’s called the Instagram DM Me sticker. 

Instagram’s latest sticker release is a new way to engage with your community, have meaningful conversations in direct messages, share important information, and gather feedback. 

And with the ability to manage DMs from your desktop, staying on top of your replies is easier than ever!  

Here’s a step-by-step guide, along with 5 strategic tips for using the Instagram DM Me sticker for your business:

Instagram DM Me sticker

Table of Contents: 

  1. What is the Instagram DM Me Sticker?
  2. How to Use Instagram’s DM Me Sticker
  3. 5 Ways to Use the Instagram DM Me Sticker for Business
  4. How to Manage Your Instagram DMs

What is the Instagram DM Me Sticker?

Last year, 500 million people actively used Instagram Stories, and it shows no sign of slowing down . 

Since their launch in 2016, Instagram introduced various stickers for stories — you can do polls, create quizzes, ask questions, and more — all with the aim of having more interactive experience on Instagram Stories.  

Whether it’s gathering feedback from your community, testing their knowledge of your products, or simply having fun and increasing engagement, there’s an Instagram Stories sticker to suit! 

With the new Instagram DM Me sticker, you can encourage your community to send you a direct message and have a meaningful (and private) conversation.

From brands looking for product feedback, to creators hoping to learn from their community of followers, the DM Me sticker is proving a valuable resource.

Check out how @blume use the DM Me Sticker in their posts: 

IG DM ME Sticker - Blume Example

So whether you’re a brand, business or influencer, it’s time to test out the DM Me Sticker in your next Instagram Stories post! 

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How to Use Instagram’s DM Me Sticker

First, after you’ve uploaded a photo or video to your Instagram Stories camera, tap the sticker button and the stickers tray will appear. 

Simply choose the DM Me option (note: you may have to scroll down to find it — there are so many interactive stickers now!). 

IG DM ME Sticker - How to Use

Next, you’ll have the option to type something — it could be a question or strong call-to-action (CTA). 

Instagram also offers prompts. If you tap the dice, you can choose from:

  • Let’s chat
  • Need to talk?
  • How’s it going?
  • Make me laugh
  • Send memes 

TIP: You can change the color of the DM Me sticker by tapping the color wheel at the top of the screen! 

IG DM ME Sticker - How to Use

You can also choose not to use the sticker’s text and simply display the DM Me sticker. 

Instead, write your question or CTA using Instagram’s text tool, as you would for other Instagram Stories posts (or customize your own). This allows you to play with the font, color, and design of your text — making it more on-brand.

IG DM ME Sticker - Customized Text Example

Once you’re finished, share your story and wait for the direct messages to roll in. 

Here’s some quick tips for your first DM Me sticker post: 

  • Ask questions that will spark a conversation
  • Use a CTA that will entice your audience to send you a message
  • Draw attention to the sticker — this could be by playing with color, text, arrows, or emojis
  • Monitor your DMs so you don’t miss engaging with your community

5 Ways to Use the Instagram DM Me Sticker for Business

Ready to share your first post with the Instagram DM Me sticker? 

It can be used by businesses, brands, freelancers, creators, and influencers to inform their strategy, share important information, make contacts, and grow their online communities. 

It’s a creative new option to create one-on-one conversations with current and potential customers. 

Here’s our top 5 ways to use the DM Me sticker in your next post: 

Tip #1: Create Event Buzz with the Instagram DM Me Sticker 

Have an upcoming event? Use the Instagram DM Me sticker to create buzz around it, answer questions, and reiterate key details like the time or price. 

For example, a yoga studio hosting a virtual wellness talk could use the Instagram DM Me sticker to encourage potential attendees to ask questions about it.

IG DM ME Sticker - Yoga Example

Make note of the conversations you’re having via the DM Me sticker, and use the frequently asked ones to inform your content strategy. 

Maybe you need to clarify the event schedule in your feed posts, start spotlighting the speakers in your stories, or share the valuable takeaways attendees will receive in an Instagram Live.

From here, it’s easier to map out and plan what content you need to share on your Instagram feed or stories to support your event. And that can all be done with Later, for free! 

Plan, schedule, and automatically publish to Instagram with Later — sign up now! 


Tip #2: Personalize Product Recommendations With the Instagram DM Me Sticker

Establish trust and position your business as an expert by offering personalized product recommendations in your direct messages.

A study by Segment found 49% of customers bought an item based on a brand’s personalized recommendation — specifically an item they never intended to buy in the first place! 

Admit it, we all like to feel a little bit special, and personalized recommendations do just that — cue Marvin Gaye’s “You Are That Special One.” 

For example, a beauty brand could use the Instagram DM Me sticker to share their face mask product range and answer questions about what each product does.

IG DM ME Sticker - Mask Example

A bookstore could offer personalized book recommendations for those looking for their next read. 

IG DM ME Sticker - Bookstore Example

Think of it as a virtual in-store experience with a sales associate, happening within your Direct Messages. What do you do when you visit a physical store? You might pick up a product, read the description, and ask an associate for their opinion. Or, you might walk in and ask for their help right away. 

With the Instagram DM Me sticker, you can personalize product recommendations and convert your community into active buyers and ambassadors.

Tip #3: Humanize Your Brand with the Instagram DM Me Sticker

Goodbye faceless business; hello personality! 

Customers want human-like interactions with brands on social media — 57% say human communication would increase their brand loyalty. The Instagram DM Me sticker creates a new way to humanize your business and introduce your community to the people and processes behind-the-scenes. 

A coffee shop could use the Instagram DM Me sticker to encourage their audience to ask them how they source their ingredients.

IG DM ME Sticker - Coffee Shop Example 1

The coffee shop could also use the sticker to spark a conversation with a person on their team — adding a face to your business helps humanize the experience for your followers. 

IG DM ME Sticker - Coffee Shop Example 2

The conversation doesn’t need to be hours long, but it gives you an opportunity to show your brand’s personality, and removes any doubt that they’re talking to a support bot! 

TIP: You can also review and monitor the conversations coming through the Instagram DM Me sticker and repurpose the questions or comments for future FAQ or behind-the-scenes content. 

Tip #4: Collect Customer Feedback Using the Instagram DM Me Sticker

What does your audience love about your business? The Instagram DM Me sticker lets you gather this information in a simple way. 

For example, a life coach could ask their community how they’re feeling; a fashion brand could ask what products people are currently loving; a personal trainer could ask their community what kind of content they’re looking for.

IG DM ME Sticker - Life Coach Example

Collect the feedback and use it to inform your content strategy and products moving forward. 

Could you create more posts that speak to mental health and affirmations? Could you launch another collaboration t-shirt? Could you adapt one of your services to serve your community’s growing needs? 

Now you can get answers to all the questions you have about your next business move from your audience! 

Tip #5: Use the Instagram DM Me Sticker to Share Links 

If you don’t have 10K followers, but want to share an important link, you can use the Instagram DM Me sticker to share it directly. 

Has a new position opened up at your business? Encourage your audience to message you about the job description and application page. 

IG DM ME Sticker - Open Position Example

You can also link to a new blog post, a webinar, your newest eBook — anything you’d like to drive traffic to. 

The bonus of sharing it in direct messages is you can have a conversation so it seems less “sales-y” and offers additional value and context. 

How to Manage Your Instagram DMs 

When you use the Instagram DM Me sticker, you can expect direct messages to roll into your inbox. Have no fear – we’ve come up with tips for managing your Instagram DMs effectively

And even better – Instagram recently launched the ability to send Instagram DMs from your desktop, so you can respond to customers right on your computer. Hallelujah! 

instagram dms desktop

Responding to DMs on your desktop makes it easier to manage all of the conversations you’re having, and keep track of customer questions so you can follow up. 

TIP: Messages in your DMs will go into one of two tabs: Primary or General. There is a third unofficial “tab” called message requests — which are direct messages from accounts you don’t follow. Remember to regularly check the message requests so you don’t miss anything! 

Do you plan to use the new Instagram DM Me sticker? Let us know in the comments how you’ll incorporate it into your content strategy.

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Monique Thomas

Monique is a Content Marketer at Later who loves helping brands define their voice and content strategy. You can usually find her sipping matcha or adding another book to her ever-growing TBR list. Say hi on Instagram — @wordsbymonique

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