#BehindTheBrand with Travel Nevada on Instagram

#BehindTheBrand with Travel Nevada

Welcome to another edition of #BehindTheBrand, our blog series focused on giving you a look into the strategy and inspiration behind some of the most unique and successful accounts on Instagram.

This week we chatted with Kaitlin GodbeyCommunications Specialist at Travel Nevada, to find out all about their Instagram strategy, where they are seeing success, and what other travel brands on Instagram can learn from them.

What is Travel Nevada?

Travel Nevada is a part of the Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs. We promote and market Nevada as a tourism destination for both domestic and international leisure. Our goal is to showcase everything Nevada has to offer beyond the Las Vegas Strip.

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Why Instagram?

Nevada is one of the most diverse states in the nation. Yes, we’re Vegas, but we’re also Tahoe and wide-open country.

We chose Instagram to help our followers discover what Nevada really has to offer and hopefully inspire others to take a road trip through lesser-known parts of Nevada.

TravelNevada, #BehindTheBrand

Is there a strategy or inspiration behind your Instagram account?

Nevada is a HUGE state to explore, making it nearly impossible to cover every corner of the state by ourselves. This is where our followers come in. We encourage Nevada enthusiasts to show off the Nevada countryside as they explore it by tagging their Nevada adventures with #TravelNevada.


TravelNevada, #BehindTheBrand


[quote align=”” name=”Kaitlin GodbeyCommunications Specialist @TravelNevada”]We post our own photos every so often, but the majority of the photos we share come from our loyal Nevada fans.[/quote]

What are your engagement benchmarks?

We’re all about connecting with our audience, so we love getting comments on our different Instagram posts. We also monitor Instagram allllllmost 24/7 (minus the few hours of sleep I get a night) so if someone has a question on how to get to a place we post about, we’re happy to comment back with some more info.

What gets the most engagement?

The photos that get the most engagement are usually the ones that feature non-traditional Nevada shots. When you think of Nevada, many imagine scorching deserts and neon lights, but that is only a small portion of the state.TravelNevada, #BehindTheBrand

What is your favourite type of post?

My favorite type of photo to share is people (or our furry friends) having an awesome time in Nevada.

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What was your most successful campaign or contest?

We just ran our very first Instagram contest this past Spring. We encouraged those who have visited the “Nevada-side” of  Lake Tahoe to tag their photos with #NevadaSide for a chance to win a summer cruise on the M.S. Dixie out of Zephyr Cove.


TravelNevada, #BehindTheBrand


We received almost 800 entries, which was pretty good for our first try at a contest! We used OfferPop to run the contest. It was a great tool, especially when it came to monitoring all of the content that was getting tagged. It was a bit tedious to keep on top of everything, but it drastically grew our fan base and engagement has been on the rise ever since.

[quote align=”” name=”Kaitlin GodbeyCommunications Specialist @TravelNevada”]When someone tags their friends in one of our Instagram photos and tells them “we need to do this” that’s a big success for us.[/quote]

What is your process for managing Instagram content? 

We love showing off our great State and try to post around three photos a day, all from different parts of the state. We try to hit people when they’re browsing Instagram in the morning before work, sometime around lunchtime, and again post-dinner. This can become pretty daunting when you have a fairly easy day, let alone one that is jam-packed with meetings and events. This is where Latergramme comes in. I use the search & regram feature to look over all of the photos tagged with #TravelNevada each week, and then directly schedule them in my Latergramme dashboard. It’s a big time-saver. I honestly don’t know how I would manage our Instagram account without it.

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[quote align=”” name=”Kaitlin GodbeyCommunications Specialist @TravelNevada”]I honestly don’t know how I would manage our Instagram account without Latergramme![/quote]

What are 3 accounts you think people should follow?

This is a hard question. There are SO MANY great accounts out there. If we have to stick to three, these are it:

  1. @mypubliclands – 67 percent of Nevada is public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. We love their account because it showcases some of the most breathtaking landscapes anywhere on Earth (but we especially love their Nevada shots).
  2. @jordanherschel – Jordan is a Nevada-based photographer who travels the world and makes you want to take each adventure he embarks on.
  3. @natty9toes – Better known as Natalie Handler, this girl kicks some major booty when it comes to traveling Nevada. Not to mention, her photos are top notch. If you’re looking for some travel inspiration (Beyond @travelnevada), she’s your girl.


What have you learned since you started using Instagram and/or Latergramme?

The biggest thing I’ve learned is to figure out what works and stick to that theme. For us, it’s creative and unique shots of Nevada’s great outdoors. Every now and then we’ll pepper in some indoor shots, but they usually have to be pretty spectacular. We’re talking to people who are eager for an epic adventure, so if the photos we share don’t fit that mold, we tend to lose engagement.

I’ve also learned that managing an active Instagram account can be pretty time consuming, but totally worth it when you see first-hand a post inspire someone to make a trip out to Nevada.

[quote align=”” name=”Kaitlin GodbeyCommunications Specialist @TravelNevada”]Instagram is a photo-sharing community, so it is important to be an active, genuine member of it.[/quote]

Do you have any advice for brands using Instagram?

My biggest piece of advice would be to listen to your followers. Don’t just post photos and then move on with the rest of your day. Actively monitor your posts and engage with your fans.

[section_title text=”About Kaitlin Godbey of Travel Nevada”]

Nevada_MinWidth_K_RGB_200Kaitlin is an avid iphoneographer and social media junkie who loves adventuring across the west coast. She has a passion for content strategy and is currently the communications specialist for Travel Nevada promoting all things quirky, weird, fabulous, and fun in the Silver State. When she’s not at her desk you can find her hanging out with her three black labs in and around Lake Tahoe.

Header image by Mikael Kristenson via Unsplash.

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