25 Social Media Content Ideas to Level Up Your Strategy

By Dante Nicholas

Published September 18, 2020

14 minute read

Struggling to come up with fresh social media content? In this blog post, we’re sharing 25 social media content ideas to help level up your strategy.


Stay on top of the biggest social media marketing trends!

If you’re struggling to come up with new and fresh social media content ideas, don’t panic — there are a number of ways you can refresh your posts.

In this blog post, we’re sharing 25 social media content ideas to help level up your strategy.

Let’s get started!

25 Social Media Content Ideas to Level Up Your Strategy

If you are feeling a creative block or finding gaps in your social media content calendar, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether it’s your personal Instagram or a brand or business, here are 25 ideas you can incorporate in your social strategy.

Social Media Content Idea #1: User-Generated Content (UGC)

UGC is short for user-generated content and not only is it a great way to fill your feed with community-made content, but it’s a surefire way to attract new followers, make sales, and convert your existing audience into customers.

Remember — your audience itself is a valuable resource when it comes to finding awesome content!

Recent findings show that 90% of consumers trust UGC to help influence their purchasing decisions.

But don’t just post any UGC that you’re tagged in. We recommend creating a branded hashtag for your company. Repost the best content from followers who use your hashtag!

Check out how brands like Airbnb, Hershel, and Well+Good use a branded hashtag to encourage their community to tag them in posts:

Need help integrating UGC into your strategy? Check out our 7 Tips for Reposting Instagram Stories & User-Generated Content blog post!

Did you know that Later has a host of UGC tools available when you create an account with us? Our tool allows you to find shareable content through hashtags, mentions, and even URLs – fast!

You can automatically give proper photo credit each time you repost your fans, with options to repost to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Social Media Content Idea #2: Share Company News

Has your brand been in the news lately? If so, why not share it?

Sharing notable press hits shows your audience that you’re a reliable brand or business. Plus, a little humble brag never hurt anyone!

Take The Honey Pot Co. for example. The feminine care company’s founder was recently featured by Inc. Magazine, and they were sure to share the good news with their followers.

Social Media Content Idea #3: Blog Posts

If your company has a blog, refer your audience by sharing direct links when you can!

For Instagram, post an aesthetically pleasing (and on-brand) graphic that relates to the blog content. If you’re sharing to your Instagram Stories and you have over 10K followers, you can use Instagram’s swipe up link.

If you don’t have over 10K — don’t worry! There are many ways you can direct your followers to your blog. Check out this blog post for all our best tips and tricks.

If you’re sharing to your Instagram feed, redirect users to press the link in your bio, using Later’s feature! allows you to increase traffic and sales by linking individual Instagram posts to specific blog posts, product pages, or videos — with just one click. The best part is: it’s free!

Social Media Content Idea #4: Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are relatively new, but we’re obsessed!

Instagram Reels are a new way for Instagram users to record 15-second video clips set to music, and might look and feel a little similar to TikTok:

Reels give brands yet another way to create fun, engaging video content on Instagram.

Get all the scoop on this new Instagram feature with our Ultimate Guide to Instagram Reels.

Instagram Reels’ popularity is growing by the second, and plenty of brands are already using it to help build their audience (with some videos getting +5M views)!

Want to jump into the details of Instagram Reels? Learn everything you need to know to create your very first Instagram Reel in this handy step-by-step video:

Social Media Content Idea #5: Share Stock Photos

If you’re looking to add engaging visuals to your feed or find creative images for your Instagram Stories, high-quality stock photography can be an effective way for you to save time, effort, and money.

You can use stock photos or videos for posts where the text needs to do the talking — think detailed captions, customer testimonials, promotional offers, or sharing a favorite quote.

With our Unsplash integration, we’re making finding killer content and building a strong aesthetic using stock photos easy.

Ready to start incorporating stock content into your feed? Learn all about how Later’s new Unsplash integration works here.

Social Media Content Idea #6: Community Spotlights

Similar to UGC, sharing community spotlights is a chance to highlight members of your community.

Since your audience is engaged and interested in your content, — now is a great chance to return the favor and show them some love.

Take WeWork for example. @wework often shares mini-interviews and quotes from inspirational members of their community.

Social Media Content Idea #7: Employee Spotlights

Why stop at community spotlights? Give your employees a chance to shine.

Consumers love seeing the humans behind their favorite companies. It gives them a chance to relate to the brand on a more personal level.

Media company Fullscreen is great at putting a spotlight on their employees; take a look!

Another great example is rideshare company Uber. They do an amazing job of supporting their employees on social media. During this year’s pandemic, Uber has been spotlighting delivery drivers who are helping their communities.

Social Media Content Idea #8: Product Shots

Think about new ways to share product photos. You don’t want your photos to look like simple photos you’d find on any generic online store.

Your photos should fit in seamlessly with your brand aesthetic. Your product shots should blend in with your other content, while still standing out as your audience scrolls your feed.

Place different products together, photograph them against cool backdrops, create stop motion animations, and have fun!

TIP: You don’t have to have an insane budget to shoot great product photos — you can literally do it all at home. Check out our blog post on creating a home photography studio and shooting products at home.

Social Media Content Idea #9: Behind-The-Scenes Content

Your social media channels are the perfect place to post videos or photos that show off the inner workings of your company.

On occasion, give followers a sneak peek into your brand’s daily processes.

It’s always interesting to see how products get packaged for shipping or how events are prepared.

Take a cue from Peak Design:

Social Media Content Idea #10: Celebrate Holidays

From #NationalDanceDay to #InternationalCoffeeDay, there are plenty of holidays that are perfect for filling out your calendar when you’re needing new content!

Fun holidays are great for sharing relevant, timely content that relates to your brand, your product/service, and your industry.

The television show ‘Parks & Recreation’, for example, often share relevant & fun content on important “social media” dates, like National Waffle Day.

There are a lot of fun holidays shared on social media all year long and now, we’re making it easier for you to plan your Instagram content ahead of time with our free social media holidays calendar for 2020!

Social Media Content Idea #11: Create Your Own Game or Challenge

Creating “games” on social media is an easy way to stay on-trend and to up your engagement with followers.

Check out this “Choose your Coachella House” post from beauty brand alleyoop.

This post garnered 40 comments, compared to their previous post (a regular photo post), which only garnered 2 comments.

On top of social media games, you can also create your own social media challenge.

Challenges provide fun for fans, while also expanding your reach and impressions.

With Instagram Stories’ new challenge sticker, challenges typically roll out on Instagram Stories, but since stories disappear after 24 hours, why not run an Instagram challenge on your feed as well.

Learn more about Instagram games and challenges in this blog post.

Social Media Content Idea #12: Audiograms

This one is for all you YouTubers and podcasters.

With podcasts being more popular than ever, taking bite-sized audio snippets and turning them into beautiful audiograms for your social channels is a great way to level up your social media content strategy.

There are endless ways you can create these audiograms. Check out our blog post with 5 apps to help you get started.

We’re big fans of the style that WeTransfer uses for their #InfluencerPodcast posts on Instagram.

Audiograms can work even if you’re not a podcaster! If your brand has videos on Youtube, you can take audio snippets from your YouTube videos and do the exact same thing!

Social Media Content Idea #13: Testimonials

Posting testimonials not only helps to build the trust of your product/service but they also encourage followers to share their own stories, in hopes of also being highlighted!

This is a great way to turn followers into lifelong brand ambassadors.

Dating app Bumble creates some nice buzz on their social media channels by posting Success Stories from couples who met on their app!

Social Media Content Idea #14: Industry Articles

No matter the industry you’re in, it’s always a great idea to post relevant articles to keep your audience engaged and informed.

This may be more relevant if you manage Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn channels since you can add links to captions on those platforms.

Social Media Content Idea #15: Influencer Content

Partner with influencers that mesh well with your brand. Influencers are content creators —  working with them helps generate content for both your channel and their own.

It’s the perfect marriage and Athleta’s partnership with influencer @arielleestoria is a perfect example.

We recommend partnering with influencers who have higher engagement over high follower counts. This means their audience truly cares about the content they post, which bodes well for you in the long run!

Learn more about working with influencers in our Ultimate Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing.

Social Media Content Idea #16: Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories allow brands to post content that is more organic than what’s posted in a brand’s Instagram feed. And with over 500 million people watching Instagram Stories every day, you want to get them involved and engaged with your business!

Social media users expect Instagram Stories to look as natural as possible, but it’s still smart to create templates to use in your Stories to help develop a branded look for your company.

Using Instagram Stories also gives you the opportunity to set up branded Story Highlights on your profile.

Branded highlights are located right under your bio, so you can permanently showcase your most important content there, as opposed to it being buried in your feed.

Social Media Content Idea #17: Inspirational Quotes

Everyone loves a good inspirational or motivational quote. No matter your industry, there are great quotes that align with your niche.

Get creative with how you create these graphics, and be sure they fit in with the rest of your content!

Here’s a great example from Refinery 29. You can see how they create stylish social media graphics to highlight an inspirational quote:

Learn how to use quotes to boost your engagement on Instagram here, and on Pinterest here!

Social Media Content Idea #18: User Feedback

Engage with your audience and ask them for their opinions!

Open-ended questions (questions that can’t be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”) will not only allow for more engagement from your audience but will allow you to better understand your audience.

You can utilize Instagram Stories stickers like the Poll and Question stickers, to garner that valuable customer feedback!

Bumble utilizes its Instagram stories to ask questions of their followers. They then collect the answers and transform that data into content for their feeds. Smart, right?!

Social Media Content Idea #19: Go Live

Whether it’s a Facebook or Instagram Live, going live on your social media channels gives your audience a chance to engage and connect with you.

Engaging and connecting are both important for leveling up your social media game.

In an Instagram Live, you can do a Q&A with your followers, announce a new product, conduct an interview with a superfan or influencer, and so much more.

In recent weeks, MTV has been using Instagram Live to do #AloneTogether jam sessions with top musical artists like Kyle and Tate McRae. A cool thing about Instagram Live is that you can save the Lives as IGTV videos so they can live on forever.

Social Media Content Idea #20: Twitter Chats

Hosting Twitter chats allow you to have in-depth conversations with your followers regarding any topic relevant to your industry. These chats are a great way to increase your audience engagement numbers on the platform.

Tweets received during Twitter chats can then be turned into branded content pieces in the future.

to get instant responses to your queries.#WorkFromHome #remotework

Social Media Content Idea #21: Host A Virtual Event

Hosting a virtual event may not have been on your 2020 bingo card, but many brands are riding the virtual wave. Hosting webinars, concerts, and more – all via social media.

Take Well+Good’s ‘TALKS at home’ series for example. With this virtual series, they’re partnering with a panel of experts to discuss how the home became our number-one wellness hotspot in 2020.

Speaking of virtual events, our very own LaterCon will be hosted virtually on Sept 23!

Ready to grow your account, gain a loyal following, and build your business online? Watch the full LaterCon replay here.

Social Media Content Idea #22: Spotify Playlists

Everyone loves a good playlist! Developing a Spotify channel and making branded playlists allows your brand personality to shine.

Is your company more Tom Petty and Amy Winehouse like Starbucks, or is it more Dua Lipa and Disclosure like H&M?

Remind your audience there are people behind their favorite brand’s social media channel.

Use your Instagram Stories to drive your audience to your Spotify playlists.

Beauty company Glossier has over 30 playlists and 20,000 followers on Spotify!

Social Media Content Idea #23: Repurposed Content

Use social analytics, like you’ll find in our Instagram Insights feature, to identify your top-performing posts. From there, find ways to repurpose that content with updated copy or graphics.

You can repurpose YouTube videos for IGTV (and vice versa). And you can repurpose TikTok content for Instagram Reels. You can also go through your website’s blog and turn your old content into new Instagram captions.

The possibilities are endless if you have evergreen material!

Social Media Content Idea #24: Get Creative With Emojis & GIFS

Using emojis at the end of a sentence is Level 1 creativity. Using emojis to develop meme-level copy structure in your captions, as Cracker Barrel Cheeses does, is Level 100!

Speaking of GIFs, have you ever thought of creating your own custom brand GIF stickers for Instagram Stories? This Later blog will get you started, and you’ll be making branded stickers in no time!

Social Media Content Idea #25: Create a New Content Series

A great way to ensure you have new content to post on a periodic basis is to develop a new content series. This can come into life in many forms: blog articles, IGTV videos, podcasts, Instagram Lives, etc.

Take Mailchimp’s #ByTheBooks for example. Mailchimp has developed a virtual literary festival where they use various content formats to put a spotlight on amazing authors on a continuous basis!

: @carmenmmachado

Another example is Target’s new Real Talk series on Instagram, where they have some of their Black-owned brand founders do Instagram takeovers to discuss hot topics!

And there you have it – 25 social media content ideas to help you level up your strategy! Put these ideas to work and let that creative block be a thing of the past!

Scale up your Instagram strategy today with Later! Plan, schedule and automatically publish to Instagram for FREE with Later.

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