#BehindTheBrand With Five Buck Vinyl On Instagram

#BehindTheBrand with @fivebuckvinyl

Welcome to another edition of #BehindTheBrand, our blog series focused on giving you a look into the strategy and inspiration behind unique and successful accounts on Instagram.

What is @fivebuckvinyl?

It’s the first and most popular Instagram account from the team at Shopstick, it’s definitely our “baby”. @fivebuckvinyl features daily posts of vinyl record photos, most of which are linked to live, 15-minute auctions on our website to win the record photographed.


#BehindTheBrand @FiveBuckVinyl


We built up our 19.1k+ follower base of highly engaged vinyl collectors by initially posting one record per day that we sold for just $5 for the first person to click the link in our bio. We continue to do this daily, but have added in auctions which are super fun.

[quote align=”” name=”@FiveBuckVinyl”]Shopstick’s mission is to build Instagram communities around hobbies and to make it fun and simple to sell related products within Instagram’s experience of social interaction around beautiful photos.[/quote]

Why Instagram?

@fivebuckvinyl was our experiment to see if we could build a substantial community of a certain hobby and then create a liquid marketplace. We chose vinyl to start because it photographs beautifully and people love taking photos of and sharing their vinyl collections.

Is there a strategy or inspiration behind your Instagram account?

Our strategy is to curate the record submissions we receive and push to Instagram the ones we think our followers want to see.

[quote align=”” name=”@FiveBuckVinyl”]People love looking at photos of things they’re into and there’s an added bonus when they can engage with the photo in some way.[/quote]Our “five buck” promo photos which we post daily definitely have a distinct look and are eye-catching; our photographer (Kelly Peloza) helped give us a presence on Instagram by photographing records in striking locations (often outdoors).


#BehindTheBrand @FiveBuckVinyl


We try to find striking photos for all our posts, and often call on the Instagram community to lend us their great photos for auctions – we find that a great photo tends to foster better engagement on the auction.

What are your engagement benchmarks?

We keep an eye on our follower counts and try to gain comments and likes via contests. Each “five buck” record we post is raffled the next day and users are entered once or more by liking, commenting on and/or regramming the post.

What gets the most engagement?

Definitely our five buck promos, because they’re popular artists, beautiful photos and have the engagement benefit of a raffle entry.

[quote align=”” name=”@FiveBuckVinyl”]We find that the Instagram community is ridiculously engaged compared to other social media platforms.[/quote]

What was your most successful campaign or contest?

We run two contests every day: our “five buck” promo and also the raffle for the previous day’s “five buck” record. We post one record daily which we sell for $5 for the first person to click through to Shopstick.com and check out.


#BehindTheBrand @FiveBuckVinyl


We post at random times without announcement, which makes it exciting, and the record typically sells out in about 15 seconds. Those who miss out are able to enter the raffle for the next day by liking, commenting on, or sharing the original post.

These have been tremendously successful in terms of gaining engagement and followers. We haven’t had any “unsuccessful” contests, per se, but some musicians play better than others.

What is your process for managing Instagram content? 

We maintain the @fivebuckvinyl schedule almost solely through Latergramme. We use our Shopstick admin site to gather and process record submissions, and then schedule those into Latergramme once ready to post.

[quote align=”” name=”@FiveBuckVinyl”]We have several team members posting and auctions scheduled weeks in advance. It’s critical to have one place the team can all collaborate, view and edit content which is where Latergramme comes into play.[/quote]

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What are 3 accounts you think people should follow?

  1. @purgeb4ubinge
  2. @kasnobi.collects
  3. @pillsforthepale

What have you learned since you started using Instagram and/or Latergramme?

Latergramme allowed us to start posting 10-20 photos/auctions per day and to be honest, we were really surprised to find that most of our followers enjoyed the increase in posting frequency and still don’t find them overwhelming or redundant. This is awesome and speaks to the possibilities of using Instagram as a selling platform and/or branding tool.

Do you have any advice for brands using Instagram?

Develop a distinctive look for your brand’s photos that will make you stand out from the crowd. Engage with the community as much as you can and use the voice of a “friend” rather than a company.

Also, use emojis with abandon 😀 👍⚡️🎉🎶

[section_title text=”About Five Buck Vinyl & Shopstick”]

Five Buck Vinyl is a community for vinyl lovers. They feature modern and classic indie, emo and hip-hop records on Instagram every day, starting at just $5: shopstick.com/fivebuckvinyl

Shopstick is the best way to sell your stuff on Instagram: shopstick.com

Header image by Luke Chesser via Unsplash.

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