#BehindTheBrand with Helm Boots

#BehindTheBrand with Helm Boots 

For this week’s #BehindTheBrand series, we interviewed the team at Helm Boots; a footwear company that experiments with visual content to share their passion for quality leather, craftsmanship, and style. HELM is an Austin-based company that creates quality, timeless footwear designs that are crafted in the USA.

Behind the Brand with Helm Boots

@helmboots on Instagram

Why Instagram for the Helm brand

Instagram is a great way to reach our community and develop relationships, as well as interact with those who are unable to stop in our store and talk one-on-one. For this reason, we decided to create @helmboots to engage our online community.

So much can be said in a photo.

Working in fashion, we find that it’s better to show customers our product, how it can be worn and let the boots speak for themselves.


What’s the visual inspiration behind @helmboots?

To connect with those who share a love for style, leather and quality construction. Our community keeps us inspired and we love to see people’s representations of the HELM spirit and lifestyle.

Most of the photos are done ourselves, but we love to see how others wear our product and where they travel in them. We do repost from outside photographers and have photos from customers mixed in with our Instagram photos.

How do you manage content with multiple team members?

@helmboots is managed by two members of the HELM team, Tim and Amelia Zind. A majority of the Instagram posts/photos are created by Tim to keep the message and style of our feed clear and consistent. Collaboration is always important and we will continue to pull from other employees of HELM, as well as repost content from guest photographers and customers.

[quote align=”” name=”Amelia Zind”]Having content scheduled in advance helps ensure that there isn’t a long space of time with nothing being posted to our Instagram. This also allows us to get more done outside of our social media tasks.[/quote]

Tim and Amelia have meetings about all social media, plan events that they should attend to get photos, content, and generate ideas for future posts, as well as how often to post. Other members of the company create content for promos, organize events that we post about, introduce photographers and videographers that we use, and more. It’s a huge team effort!

Having scheduled posts helps to ensure that there are no major gaps in our content, but our team is amazing about communicating any needs for social media. We have such a creative group that that we are easily able to all be on the same page with content needs and the direction we want to go.

Behind the Brand with Helm Boots

Images taken from the team’s personal Instagram accounts
@bingerzinger | @skinnypilgrim | @thisameliagirl

What sort of engagement benchmarks are you looking to achieve? 

Beyond likes and comments, we would love to achieve more use of tags such as #helmboots. This shows us how people are wearing our product.

We would also love to grow the audience that we reach daily and continue to engage with our customers and make sure any questions they have for the brand are answered.

Gaining followers and hearing back from them in comments and messages is one of the ways we gauge our success on Instagram.

[quote align=”” name=”Amelia Zind”]Collaboration on Instagram is always important. We post mainly original content, but we’ll continue to pull from other employees of HELM, as well as guest photographers and customers.[/quote]

What’s your favorite type of photo to share? 

Photos with multiple styles and pairs in one shot as well as our #ontheroadwithhelm and #helmtour series.

#helmtour on Instagram

#helmtour on Instagram

How does Latergramme play into your strategy? 

We use Latergramme to meet our daily goals for posting by scheduling posts ahead of time. This way we can balance our day-to-day and not miss a chance to share content with our followers at key times.

Scheduling content ahead of time allows us to get more done outside of social media tasks since we aren’t constantly keeping an eye on the time to make sure we post at a certain hour. It frees up our time we need to take photos rather than eating up time spent planning a photo post since it’s already done.

What are some Instagram accounts you think people should follow?

  • @cabinporn | We find a lot of beauty in architecture offset by nature since it isn’t always a uniquely designed high-rise that catches your attention.
  • @bigdaddysantiques | Quite a few of us are fans of furniture design. There’s a fine line with decorating between clutter and composition at times and we feel that this Instagram has a pronounced style that is truly inspirational.
  • @danielarsham | We like Daniel’s account because it’s interesting to see the process in which he creates his pieces and how he slowly introduces concepts like vulcanized rock and quartz. He doesn’t rely on bright colors to showcase his art in his photography and instead allows his pieces to be the main focus rather than being drowned out or saturated.

What’s been your greatest takeaway?



A picture really is worth a thousand words. To be able to represent yourself and send your brand message through a photo is an ever-changing process and there is always a new way to learn how to remain a part of this process.

Do you have any advice for brands using Instagram?

Connect with your followers. Interact!

If someone takes the time to ask a question or comment under your post, take the time to respond. Build the connection.

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