The Roads Travelled: Instagram with Kait Labbate

Welcome to the Latergramme Ambassador Series. Latergramme Ambassadors are a handpicked group of individuals who use visual media to inspire and engage their community and capture what it means to visual storytellers.

KLThis week we’d like to introduce Latergramme Ambassador, Kait Labbate (@kaitlabbate).

Kait is a journalist turned social media marketer who studied journalism at Carleton University.

An avid traveller and blogger at The Roads I Travelled, Kait makes use of punchy writing and beautiful images to engage communities and consumers.

What do you love about Instagram?

In my work life, Instagram offers a platform to connect unique businesses to local communities. It serves as a platform for storytelling and developing a brand image for viewers. 

On a personal level, Instagram is a place to share and connect daily experiences and allows me to navigate how and what I explore through inspiration from fellow photo takers.

[quote align=”” name=”Kait Labbate”]A ‘Grammable photo is a photo you look at and love. That’s the only rule[/quote]KL2

What are some of the key elements that make an image ‘Grammable?

From my experience not every type of photo gets a lot of likes. Photos of yourself always do the best. Photos without people always do the worst.



What’s most important to me though is whether the photo itself is visually engaging. Would I scroll past it, or want to read the comment below? That’s all that matters to me.

Forget the likes. A ‘Grammable photo is a photo you look at and love. That’s the only rule.

[quote align=”” name=”Kait Labbate”]I love my work and what I do in off time is very similar to what I do in during the work day: meeting community members, exploring the city, photographing, and writing. [/quote]

What’s your favourite Latergramme feature?

I love the ability to plan for posting at peak hours. I don’t need to remember to log in and post my photo at 6PM on a Wednesday. If I’m busy or forget, no worries. Latergramme scheduling has me covered.


You can follow Kait’s work on her website or on Instagram!

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