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Visually Plan Your Feed On-the-go with Mobile Quick Schedule

Creating a stunning Instagram profile just got easier!

From today, you can add posts directly to the Visual Planner and easily plan the perfect feed by dragging and dropping — right from your phone!

All you need to do is enable Quick Schedule in the Later mobile app. The best part? It’s completely free.

Already a Later user? Open the app now to take it for a test drive. New to Later? Download it now on iOS or Android

What is Quick Schedule?

Think of Quick Schedule as the key to our Visual Instagram Planner.

Quick Schedule lets you pick a few timeslots for your posts, and from there you can drag, drop, and rearrange each post without needing to re-enter the scheduling info!


Not only does it make scheduling your posts for the week a whole lot easier, but it also helps you plan your feed visually, too.

Plan your Instagram grid out before publishing any posts, and see your profile the way your followers will — right on your phone.

Simply, drag and drop to rearrange your scheduled posts, and make sure you’ve got a perfect aesthetic lined up.

How to Set Up Quick Schedule on Mobile

Ready to start visually planning your content from your phone? Here’s how to get going:

Step #1: From your Settings, look for “Quick Schedule Settings”

Step #2: Choose up to 7 time slots for your posts.

Your quick schedule times will appear on desktop too. If you’re ahead of the game and you’ve set your times on desktop, just enable quick scheduling on your phone, and your times will copy over.

Once you’ve got your quick schedule times set up, you can start planning a stunning feed. This part is as easy as drag-and-dropping.

Step #3: From the “Schedule” view, hit “Add Media.”

Mobile Planner

Step #4: Choose whichever photo from your Media Library

Note: you can only add one photo to your grid at a time.

Mobile Visual Planner

Step #5: Quick Schedule to a time slot

Once your photo is added, it’ll be scheduled in your next available quick schedule time slot.

Mobile Visual Planner

Step #6: Add up to 7 photos (one at a time)

Then rearrange in whatever way looks best. When you drag and drop a photo in a new space, it will take that time slot.

Step #7: Get post ready for posting 

From there, add your captions to each post and enable auto-publishing.

Note: auto-publishing isn’t enabled by default for Quick Scheduled posts—if you choose not to enable it, the posts will be published via notification publishing.

And voilà: an expertly crafted Instagram feed, captioned and scheduled to perfection.

Why You Should Plan Your Feed Visually

Instagram is a visual-first network (that part you know already), but you might be wondering “why do I need to plan my grid? Don’t people only see one post at a time?”

Well, in addition to helping you maintain brand consistency, having a well-planned grid is a great good first impression to give your new followers.

Cohesive feed

Think of your profile like a website homepage. If someone finds one of your posts and decides to check out your profile, the first thing they see is your grid. If it’s well-crafted with a nice aesthetic, they’ll probably think you’re a solid brand.

Ready to Get Started?

Quick Schedule is available on iOS and Android for all plans — yep, even our free plan!

If you haven’t already, download the Later mobile app today to get started.

Written By

Matt Smith

Matt has founded a few startups and is also one of the founders at Later where he leads the marketing, growth and customer experience. In previous companies he’s led product, engineering & growth teams. You can follow @mattfromlater on Instagram or Twitter

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