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5 Social Media Management Tools We Couldn't Live Without

Updated on February 10, 2022
4 minute read

Love is in the air! These are the top social media management tools we're crushing on right now 💕

Published February 10, 2022

Between planning, content creation, and reporting, working in social takes a lot of time and energy.

But with the right social media growth tools, you can streamline your workflow and seriously improve your productivity.

From previewing your Instagram grid in advance to in-depth analytic reports, this is an ode to the tools that make social media managers' hearts sing.

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#1: Make It Love at First Sight With an Instagram Grid Planner

When it comes to creating a perfect Instagram aesthetic, using an Instagram grid planner has our hearts skipping a beat.

Later’s Visual Instagram Planner allows you to preview and rearrange your feed before you post – so you can see your profile the way your followers will.

A gif showing how to use Laters visual feed planner

That way you can visually convey who you are and what you do, immediately, for a swoon-worthy grid that makes a memorable first impression.

Ready to nail your Instagram aesthetic? Preview your feed before you post with Later’s Visual Instagram Planner!

#2: Tap Into Your Love Language With a Desktop Scheduling Tool

Roses are red, violets are blue, posting on social media is great... but it can take considerable time, too. 

Which is where a desktop scheduling tool comes into play.

With Later, you can batch prepare and schedule content to Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook – all from the comfort of your desktop. Swoon.

Local Mojitos uses a saved Instagram caption to save time using Laters Instagram scheduler

It's the easiest way to prep your content and be more consistent.

Plus, bulk writing captions on desktop is one of the best ways to find your groove and tell a stronger brand story – so you can really capture your followers' hearts.

Level-up your Instagram strategy by planning, previewing, and scheduling your social media posts in advance with Later – sign up today.

#3: Find Your “Perfect Match” With a Best Time to Post Calculator

As a social media manager, knowing the best times to post on Instagram can increase both reach and engagement.

But calculating your best time to post takes a ton of effort – you have to manually track when you share a post and how it performs, for at least one month.

Fortunately, there are best time to post calculators that do all the hard work for you.

Later’s Best Time to Post tool automatically calculates your top seven posting times based on previous activity, that you can then use to guide your scheduled posting times:

A user schedules their Instagram using Laters Best Time to Post feature to post when their audience is most engaged.

And just like that, you’ll be catering content to your community when they’re most engaged and most likely to share the love.

#5: Find Out What Gets Hearts Racing with an Instagram Analytics Tool

There’s simply no denying it, we’re head over heels for social media management tools that make our lives easier – especially when it comes to crunching complex data.

Later’s Instagram Analytics tool processes all your key metrics – from reach and engagement rates to demographics and location data – so you don't have to break out the calculator.

social media manager tools

The easy-to-use dashboard provides a ton of valuable information to help shape your content strategy, maximize engagement, and seriously grow your following.

Plus, you can export your Instagram analytics as a CSV file – so you can easily organize your data and create graphs (using Excel or Google Sheets) as part of your social media reporting.

And there you have it, these are the social media manager tools that we just couldn't live without! 

What gets your heart skipping a beat? Let us know by joining the conversation over on our Instagram account.

Ready to get started? Check out Later's range of Social Media Campaign Tools! Sign up today:

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Plan, schedule, and automatically publish your social media posts with Later.

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