Latergrammers Meetup Event Recap

[drop_cap]Saturday, June 13th was our first-ever Latergrammers Meetup for the community in Vancouver. We joined forces with local visual content creator Randa Salloum and photographer Sarah Boland to provide attendees with tips and insights on how to create and strategize content for Instagram.[/drop_cap]

The event was sponsored by PetitePuf, a full-service cotton candy company that provided jars of strawberry, mango, and french vanilla cotton candy for attendees.

We treated guests to a quick photography styling session at Coffee Bar’s Gastown location before embarking on a walking photography tour to educate guests on how to take candid shots and encourage their subjects to be comfortable in front of the camera.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Photography & flatlay tips from our first #Latergramme meetup @Bolandia_yvr @RandaSalloum” quote=”Photography & flatlay tips from our first #Latergramme meetup @Bolandia_yvr @RandaSalloum”]

[section_title text=”flatlays and food styling”]

Thanks to Coffeebar Gastown, our first photography session was on how to style a flatlay photo with complimentary coffee and baked treats. Attendees were encouraged to share their photos and use the hashtag #LaterLove to enter the flatlay photo contest.



Examples of flatlay photos taken at the Latergrammers meetup

Some of the key takeaways for snapping that perfect flatlay photo were:

  • A white background often looks best – and a good DIY version is using poster board from the dollar store – but don’t be afraid to mix it up with different backgrounds and patterns.
  • Getting above the photo subjects is key – stand on a chair (carefully!), use a selfie stick, or consider placing the items on the floor for even better access.
  • Play with textures in your photo to provide dimension – there’s nothing more pleasing to the eye than contrast, so let your hands, feet, or legs appear in the photo to play against your strategically placed objects.


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The winning photo was taken by @msanadouglas.



We selected Ana’s photo based on the composition and spare styling. Ana included a few items in her photo to provide context but kept it minimal. We also like how she included a human element in the photograph with a hand wrapped around the iced coffee.

[section_title text=”gastown walking tour”]

The second session of the meetup was a walking tour of Gastown. Sarah led the photography session and participants were encouraged to strike a pose against the iconic green building that’s been featured on many blogs from around Vancouver.

Some of the key takeaways for posting and making your subject comfortable were:

  • Don’t always pose – photographs look best when the subject is moving (albeit slowly). The photos don’t appear as stiff and it’s usually the candid shots that turn out the best.
  • Shoot in natural sunlight, early morning and the ‘golden hour‘ are the best times to shoot, but look for shade. Shooting directly under the sun will show shadows that are difficult to edit.
  • When taking photos, get down low when you shoot. Shooting from below makes your subject appear much taller and it’s a more flattering angle than shooting straight on.

Thanks to everyone who made it out, we can’t wait to host the next Latergrammers Meetup!

Candid shots during the Latergrammers meetup

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Stephanie is the Community Manager at Later. You can follow her on Instagram or Twitter @byStephie.