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11 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement
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How to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2024

Updated on December 14, 2023
8 minute read

Your fast-pass ticket to more likes, comments, and shares on Instagram. 🚀

Published December 14, 2023

When it comes to building your Instagram community, engagement plays a big role.

But how do you increase your Instagram engagement in 2024?

From creating memes to hosting giveaways, we're sharing 10 tactics to help boost engagement on the app — plus, the best tool for analyzing your posts.

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What is Instagram Engagement?

Your Instagram engagement is a calculation that shows what percentage of your following has interacted with your content.

It typically takes into account the number of likes, comments, and saves a post receives in relation to your overall reach. 

In some cases it can also take into account the number of impressions and shares a post receives.

How to Calculate Your Engagement Rate on Instagram

To calculate the Instagram engagement rate for a post, divide the total number of likes, comments, and saves by your reach, and then multiply by 100, to give you a percentage:

  • Engagement Rate = (Likes + Comments + Saves) / Reach x 100

Alternatively, Later’s social media management platform automatically calculates your Instagram engagement rate for every post you share. 

Head to Later’s Analytics dashboard and select the Post Performance tab. 

From here, you’ll be able to see how all of your recent posts have performed in an easy-to-use table format:

You can also filter your posts to see which ones drove the highest engagement rate for your account.

TIP: Track of your Instagram engagement and monitor your weekly growth with Later’s Instagram Analytics tool. Create an account today.

How to Get More Engagement on Instagram in 2024

Here are 10 tried-and-tested ways to increase your Instagram engagement in 2024:

  1. Engage Through Stories Stickers

  2. Create Relatable Memes

  3. Share Instagram Reels

  4. Create Shareable Graphics

  5. Share Information in Carousel Posts

  6. Include Call-to-actions

  7. Let Your Personality Shine on Stories

  8. Host a Giveaway

  9. Post When Your Audience Is Engaged

  10. Use Relevant Hashtags

Tactic #1: Engage With Your Audience Through Instagram Stories Stickers

Instagram Stories stickers can be the first step in building a loyal community that feels connected to your brand.

On stories, there are a number of quick and easy stickers to use — like polls, questions, and quizzes:

A user uses Instagram Stickers to grow engagement using polls and question stickers

One of the most engaging uses of Instagram Stories stickers is the question sticker.

The feature allows you to have direct conversations with your followers — prompting them to ask you questions, or opening the floor entirely.

Our advice? Use it to host an AMA (ask me anything) just like @danicanelson:

Remember, each time a follower interacts with a sticker, it counts as engagement!

P.S. You can schedule your Instagram Stories in advance (stickers not included) with Later's scheduling tools. Sign up today.

Tactic #2: Create and Share Relatable Memes

Simply put: memes are the way to every user's heart.

They're funny, creative, and relatable — and in 2024, relatability is where it's at.

With the right meme, your audience will be liking, commenting, and sharing your post — regardless of your niche or industry.

For example, you can use branded text and a trending photo that ties into your content pillars, like Melanie Laurene:

Or, source on-brand user-generated content (UGC) and credit the original creator like Later:

So, when someone reposts your meme to their Instagram Story or DMs it to a friend, you'll see more engagement roll in.

Wondering where to start? Bookmark this blog post: How to Make Instagram Memes That Go Viral

Tactic #3: Share Instagram Reels

In 2024, Instagram Reels are still a one-way ticket to reach on Instagram.

Why? Reels has its own tab on the home feed navigation bar, making them more discoverable by people who don't follow you.

And more eyeballs on your content = more engagement too.

“Since introducing Reels to our Instagram channel, we’ve seen our engagement grow by 280%,” shares Later’s Social Media Manager, Christine Colling.

ICYMI: Later's Instagram Reels tools are trusted by over 7M businesses, creators, and social media managers. Create a free account now.

Tactic #4: Create Shareable Graphics

Quotes, graphics, and repurposed Tweets are everywhere on Instagram — and they're perfect for driving engagement.

Three examples of quote graphics on Instagram

You’ll find that Instagram users love to share quotes on their stories — especially if they’re inspirational, funny, or relatable.

One trend is repurposing Tweets into Instagram feed posts, and it's just as engaging as it is popular.

Simply screenshot your Tweet (or Thread) of choice and pop it on one of our free Instagram Canva templates.

Designer or not, you’ve got this!

Tactic #6: Include Call-to-actions In Your Captions

Including a call-to-action (CTA) in your caption is a sure way to get more Instagram engagement — especially if you ask a question:

BaileyJST uses calls to action in her Instagram post that lead to comments

You can ask for advice, recommendations, or what type of content your followers want to see from you. 

Another way to drive engagement with CTAs is to encourage your followers to click the link in your Instagram bio. 

Since you can’t include direct links in your Instagram feed post captions, using a free link in bio tool is a great way to combat this.

With Later's, you can build a clickable version of your Instagram feed:

Later's call to action leads users to their custom link in bio page on Instagram

When users click the link in your bio, they’ll be able to tap on any image or button and be directed straight to the links you’ve provided.

This can be a landing page for a product launch, a blog post, your YouTube channel, and so much more!

Tactic #7: Let Your Personality Shine Through on Instagram Stories

If you want to drive engagement on Instagram, letting your personality shine is a great place to start.

Stories are the perfect format for chatty, informal interactions — share a personal anecdote, ask questions, and show your face!

The popular podcaster and creator Alexandra Nikolajev frequently jumps on Instagram Stories to talk with her community:

LexNiko uses Instagram stories to connect with her followers

Likewise, Later’s social team shows up on stories with tips or behind-the-scenes content:

Later Media provides social media advice on their Instagram stories

Even as a brand, it’s important to show your face every once in a while. Your followers want to see that you’re more than a logo. 

Looking to level-up your Instagram Stories strategy? With Later’s Instagram Stories scheduler, you can prep a whole week’s worth of stories in one go — create an account today:

Tactic #8: Host an Enticing Giveaway

Everyone loves free stuff.

And with this knowledge, it only makes sense to include giveaways in your Instagram strategy — but not just any giveaway.

In 2024, giveaways need to be intentional, enticing to your existing and target audience, and authentic to your brand:

Whether it’s a product, service, or experience, with the right prize up for grabs, you’ll be sure to rack up engagement. 

TIP: The tag, follow, and share entry requirement is a straightforward way to get tons of engagement from a single post.

Tactic #9: Post When Your Audience Is Most Engaged

Posting when your audience is most engaged is a great tactic for boosting engagement.

At Later, we analyzed millions of posts, and found that the best time to post on Instagram is early in the morning.

However, your own personal best time will vary based on your audience's behavior.

So, how do you know when your audience is most engaged?

With Later’s Best Time to Post feature, the tool automatically calculates your top posting times based on your best-performing posts from the recent month.

Later Quick Schedule tool for best time and day to post on Instagram

Your best times will be highlighted in your weekly content calendar, making it easy for you to then schedule your Instagram posts.


FYI: Later’s Best Time to Post feature is available on all paid plans. Upgrade now to find the best days and times to post on Instagram for maximum engagement.

Tactic #10: Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are, first and foremost, a reach tactic — but greater reach typically equals higher engagement levels.

In a 2021 Later study, results showed that posts with 30 Instagram hashtags received the highest engagement rates, on average.

If you're struggling to come up with hashtags, use Later’s Instagram Hashtag Suggestions tool, to help find relevant hashtags.

With the feature, you can find hashtags based on the content of your post and similar hashtags in your industry.

instagram hashtags auto and search

And there it is — 10 ways you can creatively increase your Instagram engagement in 2024. 

Next time you’re planning and creating your content, try to incorporate these tips and watch the engagement roll-in!

TIP: Sign up to Later to start scheduling, managing, and analyzing your Instagram posts.

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