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Instagram adds new messenger features share images
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Instagram Introduces 7 New Messaging Features

Updated on April 3, 2022
2 minute read

Instagram is doubling down on the DMs — get the 411 on all the new features now.

Published April 3, 2022

Instagram is introducing several new messaging features on the app, including the ability to reply to a new direct message (DM) without leaving the Home feed, quickly share posts with friends, see who's online, and more.

New Instagram Messaging Features 2022 - reply in feed, share from feed, who is online
Source: @Instagram

This new wave of features follows the company's pledge to focus on messaging (as well as Reels) late last year.

In a statement via their press page, Instagram shared that the new DM capabilities are part of the company's "ongoing work to improve how you connect and share with your closest friends."

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Instagram's New Messaging Features

Instagram has introduced several new features designed to make communicating on the app even easier.

From polls to immersive content sharing, it's all going down in the DMs.

Here's a full rundown of every new feature:

  1. Reply while you browse: Quickly reply to a message without having to leave the Instagram Home feed.

  2. Quickly send to friends: Re-share content without navigating away from the Instagram Home feed by tapping and holding the share button.

  3. See who’s online: See who’s free to chat at the top of your inbox list.

  4. Share a song: Share a 30-second preview of a song via integrations with Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify (coming soon).

  5. Send messages quietly: Send messages without notifying friends by adding “@silent” in your message.

  6. Switch theme: Try out the new lo-fi chat theme.

  7. Create a poll in group messages: Create a poll directly in a group chat to survey your friends.

New Instagram Messaging Features 2022 — silent messages, group polls, song shares
Source: @Instagram

These features are currently being rolled out to users in select countries, with the goal to be rolled out more widely in the coming weeks and months. If you don't have access yet, sit tight.

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