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How Brands Are Going Viral With Instagram Reels

By Jessica Worb

Published August 4, 2020

6 minute read

Learn from some of the best in the business on how to go viral on Instagram Reels!

Last Updated August 4, 2020

Stay on top of the biggest social media marketing trends!

Instagram Reels has now rolled out in over 50 countries, and there’s already a handful of brands that have started to reap some serious rewards.

Instagram Reels’ popularity is growing by the second, and brands are already using it to help build their audience with some videos getting +5M views — and this is only the beginning!

In this blog post, we’re showcasing 9 brands on Instagram Reels and sharing how they use the feature to grow their business!

The Best Brands on Instagram Reels:

  1. Louis Vuitton

  2. Sephora France

  3. Red Bull France

  4. My Paris Portraits

  5. FastandFood

  6. Junesixtyfive

  7. Balmain

  8. Sixth June Paris

  9. Oliver Wong

Brands on Instagram Reels #1: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s Instagram Reels are high quality, stunning, and super creative — and it’s working for them! Every single one of their Reels has gone viral, with an average of 5M views.

The global fashion brand is using Instagram Reels to promote new collections. In their latest set of Reels, they’re showcasing the #LVCruise.

Each campaign Reel is very similar — all having the exact same caption just with a different model and #LVCruise bag.

Similar to TikTok videos on the For You Page, Instagram Reels appear on the Explore Page — which means that even people who don’t follow you will be able to see and engage with your Instagram Reels!

This is a major growth hack as it puts your brand in front of a brand new audience every time you post. So while your view count starts to rise on each Reels post, your follower count might get a little boost too!

Want to jump into the details? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Instagram Reels to learn more about how to use the new video format to grow your business!

Brands on Instagram Reels #2: Sephora France

With over 300K views on each of their Reels, it seems Sephora France has already mastered the Instagram Reels game!

Their Reels range from captivating makeup tutorials, product demos, and user-generated content.

They also do a great job of encouraging conversation and engagement in the comments section — with captions like “tag a friend who you want to go shopping with” and “which color is your favorite? Comment below!”.

TIP: Take a page from Sephora France’s book and repurpose video content from other platforms like Instagram Stories or TikTok for your Instagram Reels!

Brands on Instagram Reels #3: Red Bull France

With a strong, global community on Instagram, it’s no surprise that Red Bull France already has a handful of viral Reels.

Red Bull France understands their demographic and offers up heart-racing content that appeals to their audience — mainly outdoor sports.

Their most popular reel — the POV of a dirtbike on a super steep hill — has over 2M views!

Brands on Instagram Reels #4: My Paris Portraits

Instagram Reels success isn’t just reserved for mega-brands. Micro-influencers and small businesses have also started to see positive results from their first Reels posts.

For example, My Paris Portraits knows exactly how to capitalize on travel inspo and wanderlust locations trends using Instagram Reels.

In short and simple Reels, My Paris Portraits tells a story, taking her followers with her as she explores and enjoys summer in Paris.

“Instagram Reels is the perfect addition to my Instagram strategy. I use Instagram Stories for in-the-moment content, IGTV for video series’ and now Instagram Reels for quick and fun bite-sized content!”

-Janelle Sweeney (My Paris Portraits)

Looking to optimize your Instagram Stories strategy this year? Take our free 45-minute Instagram Stories course to learn how to design beautiful stories and capitalize on all the latest features.

Brands on Instagram Reels #5: FastandFood

Food videos on Instagram are satisfying and very addicting to watch — and FastandFood is taking advantage of it!

FastandFood uses Reels to share quick bites of content — posting high-quality food videos from restaurants all over Paris.

Not only is this a great resource for their followers but it’s also an awesome opportunity for the featured restaurants to gain traction.

Brands on Instagram Reels #6: Junesixtyfive

Fashion influencer, Junesixtyfive, uses Instagram Reels as an extension of her feed.

She keeps it super on-brand by having a strong understanding of her demographic, offering up content that appeals to her audience.

Her most popular video where she’s showcasing different outfits — a trend made popular on TikTok — already has a whopping 2.1M views.

Want to jump into the details of Instagram Reels? Learn everything you need to know to create your very first Instagram Reel in this handy step-by-step video:

Brands on Instagram Reels #7: Balmain

Balmain keeps their video content cohesive across their social channels — repurposing their videos for both TikTok and Instagram Reels.

With over 1M views and hundreds of thousands of likes on each reel, Balmain knows what their audience wants and they continue to deliver.

Keeping their feed high-fashion and clean, they use Instagram Reels as a way to showcase their fun and playful side.

Brands on Instagram Reels #8: Sixth June Paris

If there’s any brand on Instagram Reels that’s making the most out of their captions, it’s streetwear company Sixth June Paris.

Their Reels consist of viral TikTok dances and transitions, but their captions are where they shine.

Sixth June Paris knows their audience well — they know they will ask what the people in the video are wearing. So, in each caption, they include a short product number their followers can search on their website — giving their audience a direct call-to-action.

Interested in learning how to write great captions? Take Later’s How to Write Engaging Instagram Captions workshop with Instagram pro Elise Darma right now — it’s completely FREE, just sign up below!

Brands on Instagram Reels #9: Oliver Wong

Like many of the other brands in this article, travel photographer and content creator Oliver Wong, wonguy974 on Instagram, has done an A+ job at using Reels to help grow his brand.

His most popular Reels consist of hyper-lapse and slow-motion tutorials, photography tips, and BTS footage.

Another way he captivates his audience? By adding scroll-stopping text. It’s an incredible way to show your audience value they may have missed with their phone sound off.

Whatever your brand or business, there’s a creative opportunity waiting for you on Instagram Reels. Hopefully, these brands on Instagram Reels give you the inspiration to create your first Instagram Reel.

What do you think of Instagram’s new Reels feature? Join the conversation over on Later’s Instagram channel.

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Stay on top of the biggest social media marketing trends!


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