Are Reels About to Change the Game on Facebook?

By Amanda Demeku

Published October 22, 2021

4 minute read

Short-form videos? Say no more – Facebook has given the green light to Reels on the platform!


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Reels aficionados rejoice! No longer just an engagement tool for Instagram, Reels have made their way on the Facebook scene.

The platform is doubling down on short-form video content and for good reason – the rising popularity of short-form video content just can’t be matched.

We're diving into how you can make Facebook Reels your ticket to success, below!

How to Share Instagram Reels to Facebook

To start taking advantage of all the perks that the short-form video feature provides (*cough* added engagement, reach, and traffic), you can share Facebook Reels one of two ways: 

1. Create Facebook Reels Directly in the App 

To create your first Reel on Facebook, head to the camera icon from the “Reels and Short Video” section in the Facebook News Feed.

From there – much like on Instagram and TikTok – you can record clips, upload videos from your camera roll, or incorporate both!

Next, play around with a slew of editing tools like AR filters, sounds, and so much more.

Once you’re happy with the end result, tap “Share” and voila, a Reel is born!

2. Share Instagram Reels to Facebook

To share an existing Instagram Reel to Facebook, open up Instagram and tap the “Profile” tab at the bottom-right corner.

Tap the “Menu” tab at the top-right corner.

Tap “Settings” and click “Privacy,” then head to “Reels.”

From there, toggle “Recommend on Facebook” on.

If you prefer to only share select Reels from Instagram, make sure to keep your “Recommend on Facebook” toggle turned off. You’ll still have the option to “Recommend on Facebook” when you go to share each Reel.

NOTE: The “Recommend on Facebook” option will only be available to users who have a public account on Instagram.

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3 Benefits to Using Facebook Reels 

Facebook Reels will create even more avenues for creators and brands to reach new audiences, drive traffic, and build a community.

And even better – it’ll make it easier to tap into your creative side too. 

Here are three benefits to embracing the feature:

#1. Connect With New Audiences

Much like on Instagram, Reels will appear at the top of your News Feed.

But unlike Instagram, sharing Reels to Facebook will also appear on a user’s News Feed – whether or not they follow your account.

Source: Facebook

This offers a unique opportunity for your content to get discovered – carving out a whole new lane for community-building. Plus, more reach equals more potential eyes driving back to your page!

#2. Earn Money Through Reels

Facebook isn’t above incentivizing creators to use a spiffy, new feature.

In fact, as part of their $1 Billion commitment to invest in creators, the platform has launched a Reels Play bonus program.

Source: Facebook

The program will reward Facebook’s biggest movers and shakers monetarily based on the performance of their Reels. 

And the best part? Facebook has promised not to take a cut of creators’ earnings until 2023 – banking on the creator economy’s influence on the platform!

NOTE: The Reels Play bonus program is currently only open to creators in the US, but will be rolling out globally.

#3. Show Your Brand’s Personality 

Facebook Reels give you the opportunity to show your brand's playful side. Short entertaining clips are the key to driving clicks – so let your creativity shine! Whether it's creating fun promotions, sharing behind-the-scenes content, or showing up onscreen with AR effects, the opportunities are endless.

Source: Facebook

​​There’s simply no denying the level of exposure that short-form video content offers.

If Facebook Reels isn’t currently a part of your marketing strategy, it’s time to get onboard – viral success waits for no one. 

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Stay on top of the biggest social media marketing trends!


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